Developing Executive Presence

How do you come across as a manager or potential leader of the future at your place of work? How well do you connect with groups or individuals? How do customers and C level sales prospects perceive you? Often, the answers to these questions are tied to your executive presence.

In survey after survey, executive presence is regularly perceived as that ‘secret sauce’ that differentiates the inspiring business leader from the average ones. But how do you get executive presence? What are the key communication skills you need to master to inspire confidence with your colleagues, your team, your bosses and your customers?

Join us at this Munster Series event, where Martin Garvey, EMEA Lead with Own the Room, will share the key communication skills that can help you break through barriers to become a more confident, compelling & concise communicator...

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Thursday, 27th June 2019
7.30am - 9:30am

Cork International Hotel, T12 H516.

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