Sold Out: Developing a Winning Mindset with Your Team

Sold Out:

Mindset is the key factor when it comes to being successful. Talent and skill will get you so far but its mindset and focus that gives an individual or team that winning edge. A winning mindset, like success in business, isn’t handed to you. You have to build a winning mindset over time. Successful leaders and other performers understand that the journey is the destination when trying to develop that winning habit.

Our guest speaker for this session is Aidan Moran Professor of Cognitive Psychology at UCD who is one of Ireland’s foremost authorities in the area of sports psychology and concentration techniques. Professor Moran has also consulted and applied his knowledge in the real world of competitive sport, assisting many of Ireland’s top athletes and teams from Olympians to elite golfers ( including the three-time major golf winner: Padraig Harrington).

Aidan will draw on his research findings and extensive consultancy experience to provide insight, tips and techniques that will help you and your team develop that winning mindset.

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Wednesday, 10th April 2019
11am – 2pm

The Merrion Hotel, Dublin 2.

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