How To Be a Resilient Leader – Lessons We Can Learn From High Performance Sports

There is nothing wrong about getting knocked down or back in sport – there is something wrong when you don’t get back up and start over again”. So said the most famous elite sportsperson of the 20th century – boxer Mohammad Ali. The world of high-performance athletes provides striking lessons and similarities to the world of business, and the profession of sales in particular. For example, recent international research on lead generation in sales suggests that it can take between 9 and 12 reach outs to secure a conversation with a new sales prospect – yet the same research suggests that most sales reps give up soon after the 3rd or 4thattempted to reach out!

So what is it that drives top athletes to stick to the plan when they see no visible progress? How do they develop the mental strength, routine and conviction to persevere and become more resilient? How do they develop that resilience and persistence never to give up?

Join us at this Munster Series Director’s event where Brid Stack (Cork LGAA All Ireland Winner), Rob Heffernan (Olympic Medal Winner), Paul Wycherley (General Manager - Cork City FC), and Cian O’Neill (Manager of Kildare Senior Men’s GAA team) will share their thoughts and strategies on the lessons we can learn from elite sports performance to become a more resilient business leader and build that high-performance culture.

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Thursday, 25th October 2018
11am – 2pm

Maryborough Hotel & Spa, Cork

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