How to have great coaching conversations with your sales team

Top performing sales organisations are increasingly seeking to develop a coaching culture as a means of leveraging maximum performance through engagement with their sales teams. Sean Weafer, one of Irelands finest and most experienced business coaches will deliver a coaching Masterclass based on his extensive experience of teaching business leaders in the UK and Ireland how to coach effectively for real business results.

In this session, Sean will explain how to plan, structure and conduct the coaching for maximum business impact.

This event is sponsored by Queens University Belfast

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Wednesday, 11th April 2018
7.30am - 10.30am

National Concert Hall, Dublin.

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Sean Weafer

Professional Coach and Speaker

Sean Weafer International

Sean Weafer is a professional speaker and coach who helps experts and their teams become powerful influencers, leaders and client advisors – and helps women leaders to unlock their power and potential within the organisation. He is an author of several books including ‘The High Trust Advisor’ (2013, ‘The High Trust Networker’ and ‘The Business Coaching Revolution’ (Blackhall Press 2001) and coming out soon ‘Invoking the Feminine – Restoring the Balance’ (2018). An engineer by profession, with a strong background in leadership communications, business development, analytical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and was a Founder Member of the Association for Coaching in the UK