Personal Mastery: Managing my Wellness

In a 2018 workplace research exercise, 4,000 Ireland based workers from different organisations were asked what makes a good employer. The number one answer? 

An employer that promotes workplace wellness and a healthy work-life balance. Workplace wellness is now a critical factor in attracting and retaining the best talent in an almost full employment Irish economy. From the employers perspective - the recipe is simple, for a thriving business, you need thriving employees.

From the employees perspective, the fast-changing world of work and the fluctuating demands it places on you means that the grasp of your health and well-being needs can never stand still. Being aware of your wellness state is essential for you to continue to grow and thrive.

At this Personal Mastery event, our two speakers David Gillick and Grattan Donnelly will share their experiences and expertise on how to manage your workplace wellbeing state proactively so as to thrive mentally and physically both inside and outside of work.

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Wednesday, 27th February 2019
7.30am - 10am

The National Concert Hall, Dublin 2.

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David Gillick
Grattan Donnelly

Senior Consultant & Trainer

The Potential Project

David Gillick is a retired Irish international track and field athlete.

He won the won the European Indoor Championship 400 metres in 2005 and 2007

and he represented Ireland at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Recurring injury problems forced him to retire at the Rio Olympics in 2016

At first, David’s transition to ‘civvy street seemed easy. He won MasterChef

in 2013 and wrote a bestselling book, David Gillick’s Kitchen, in 2015.

However, behind the scenes, he was battling self-doubt, anxiety and depression.

In this open and very frank speech, David Gillick will talk openly about

the personal challenges he faced in his transition from top international athlete to businessman.

Grattan is an Executive Coach, Facilitator and Trainer, specializing in Corporate Based Mindfulness

Training (CBMT). In 2006 he qualified as an Executive Coach and in 2010 started practicing

mindfulness as a way to better manage stress in the ‘busyness’ of modern life. The difference

mindfulness made to me is profound and led me to join Potential Project, global leaders in

Corporate Mindfulness. For over 20 years he has worked with leaders supporting them to live

healthier, happier and more productive lives.

Grattan is an Honorary Life Fellow and Founding Council Member of the Association for Coaching,

Ireland from 2007-2015 and Chair from 2012-2015. He lectures the Diploma in Coaching for

Performance in Dublin Business School, and is a lecturer on the IMI Diploma in Coaching for

Performance. He is a qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher, and an Enterprise

Ireland Mentor.