Sustaining a High Performance Culture

Having and then sustaining a high-performance culture is the ‘nirvana’ for most progressive organisations. Having a team of employees who contribute fully and to the best of their abilities means bottom line results improve, employees are more engaged and often staff retention gets better also. However, developing the culture in the first place and sustaining it over time is not easy. It takes trust, buy-in, collaboration, agility, innovation, resilience and great leadership communications to name but a few.

In this Munster Series Executive Institute event Hamish Adams, CEO of Athletics Ireland and Declan O’Connell, Performance Coach at Fortis Mentis Coaching will share insights and experts on developing and sustaining that high-performance culture. High-performance organizations do not take their culture for granted. They plan it, monitor it and manage it so that it remains aligned with they want to achieve. As Peter Drucker once said: Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

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Thursday, 23rd May 2019
7.30am - 9.30am

The Clayton Hotel, Cork. T12 RD6E

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