18 January 2018

Case for sales & marketing alignment is compelling - average 15% higher quota attained

This paper from Aberdeen suggests that organisations that have strong sales & marketing alignment are more likely to improve the business KPIs that lead to increased sales revenue.  Furthermore, Aberdeen state that strong alignment is no longer optional - it's essential if the organisation wants to hit or exceed business goals.  It's definitely relevant to all our Sales Directors who are members here at the Sales Institute.

The report defines best in class sales and marketing alignment as being where both of these organisational functions jointly pursue shared objectives, priorities, strategic and tactical operations, success metrics and resources.  This report then explores the capabilities that are critical for alignment as well as the advantages of achieving it.  In the 1st section of the report (page three) Aberdeen define what best in class sales and marketing alignment looks like,  and they also explain the benchmarking criteria used (five key qualitative and quantitive performance metrics) to arrive at what best in class alignment looks like. This could be a useful starting point to start or review your own alignment journey.  

The remainder of the report walks through each of these five key performance areas and shares findings, statistics and context around each one of them,  One interesting statistic from these five areas that a  "best in class" aligned organisation averages a 15% higher level of quota attainment across the company.   This data behind this statistic is teased out on page six of the document with illustrated graphs to help your interpretation.  Apart from the revenue advantages of strong alignment, the report presents compelling data that suggest best in class organisations also.  

(a) Have more relevant customer value propositions

(b) Much higher levels of marketing success that fuels sales success.

(c) Much higher usage and compliance rates around CRM 

(d) Higher levels of sales success emanating from marketing efforts

(e) More likely to maintain alignment with the buyer's journey and any subsequent changes to same.

We suggest that the report will make interesting reading for all our sales director members but especially those who intend attending our sales and marketing alignment event on the 24th of January. You can book your place for the event here -


Download this Aberdeen Group report here:  http://www.aberdeen.com/pdfs/16091-RR-Marketing-Sales-Alignment-AM.pdf

Ref: Foster Marketing and Sales Alignment, Or Forget About Hitting Your Goals, April 2017, Author: Andrew Moravick Research Analyst, Aberdeen Group