22 January 2018

High Performance Guru Rasmus Ankersen is coming to do a Sales Institute MasterClass on 23rd of March

Ted Talk with Rasmus Ankersen

We all want to discover our hidden talents and make an impact with them. But how? Rasmus Ankersen, best selling author one of the worlds foremost authorities on how to identify and then develop untapped human talent has traveled the world living and training with the world's best athletes for six months in an attempt to answer the following questions.

Why have the best middle distance runners grown up in the same Ethiopian village? 

Why are the leading female golfers from South Korea? 

How did one athletic club in Kingston, Jamaica, succeed in producing so many world-class sprinters?

At our MasterClass on March 23rd, Rasmus will present and apply the findings of his research to business scenarios and will dispel the myths, assumed thinking, and misconceptions associated with the development of high-performance athletes or sales teams.  Learn hold to build your own gold mine of real sales talent.