26 January 2018

The Future of In-Store Shopping

Technology and the always-on connected customer is fast influencing consumer shopping patterns and behaviours.   But what will this mean for the store of the future?  According to the Altos Scientific Community in a very insightful white paper called "The future of in-store shopping",  digital will continue to change and improve the individual shopping experience pre-store, in-store and post store.  This white paper gives some excellent case studies on what the new in-store shopping experience/buyer journey might look like - starting with the customer being sent pre-store offer messages when in the proximity of the store or even a competitor store.  This will be followed by use of mobile tap to sign the customer into the store. Sign-in will trigger store navigation maps, quickly find guides, special offers based on previous shopping baskets, coupons added via digital, and products added to a digital shopping basket.  Purchased will be validated and paid for digitally and receipts will be virtual.  

The paper goes on to highlight the threats and opportunities the store of the future will bring to the consumer, the retailer and the distributor/brand owner.  (On pages 7 and 8 there are some great graphical maps of the customer journey in the store of the future and the in-store technology that will be used to enhance the in-store shopping experience.

Although this paper was published five years ago, it is far-sighted as it also looks at digital payment options, digital channel enablers and the role digital will play in differentiating from the competition.  The paper is essential reading before our FMCG Director event -  Store of the Future event on March 15th

To book your place about our Store of The Future event on March 15th see the 2nd link below link below.

The link to download the Altos Scientific Community white paper on the future of in-store shopping experience is also below.