01 February 2018

The Industrial Internet of Things - (Recommended Accenture white paper)

The Industrial Internet of Things or IIOT for short is being heralded as the next great way to improve operational efficiencies but experts also think it will also be a superhighway for finding new growth opportunities and that will mean more sales opportunities! So says this whitepaper from Accenture entitled "Driving unconventional growth through the industrial internet of Things".  We suggest this paper will be really useful reading before our Sales 4.0 event called "the Industrial Internet of Things in the Marker Hotel on March 27th.

So where will these growth opportunities come from?

Accenture suggests that it will come via

  • Increasing production capability and improving efficiencies
  •  Create hybrid business/sales  channels
  • Exploiting new technologies that fuel innovation
  • Exploit/integrate technologies that transform the workforce

The paper gives some great examples of how organisations such as G.E. and Michelin are going about this already. (Some useful visual case studies on page 6 & 7).  

The paper also explores the concept of intelligent products.  These are products that can initiate tasks and communicate with other equipment.  It is suggested that these intelligent products will be able to make decisions to optimize efficiency or energy, and they will also be able to take evasive action in times of uncertainty or a breach of process.

The section from page 14 onwards focuses on how IIOT will transform the workplace.  This is the area we are most likely to see an impact on the sales organisation in the short term.  Again there is useful example and context around this topic. 

So having read the paper, and we recommend you do also, we are left pondering how will IIOT impact the sales profession?   Not sure we can give you the informed opinion here but we know an event that will! 

The story continues at our Sales 4.0 event at the Marker Hotel on the 27th of March - "The Industrial Internet of Things"