SCL Sales Ltd is an outsourced Sales and Marketing company founded in 2009 and based in Shannon Co Clare with regional offices throughout both Southern and Northern Ireland. We offer fully bespoke outsourced sales solutions and perform several key functions; we recruit, we train, and we manage large field sales teams within the B2B and B2C sectors. We act as an extension of our client’s strategic operations and work diligently on the execution of their sales journey. In addition, we act in an advisory capacity in terms of sales strategy and direction, looking at how our clients approach the sales process within their business with a view to developing and implementing change initiatives to grow sales and strengthen the clients brand within the market. We are noted in the industry for our honesty and straightforward approach to challenges.

It is exciting times for us here in SCL in terms of overall growth. We are proud of our achievements within our sector over the past few years. Currently, we service multiple contracts with one of Ireland’s largest energy suppliers and were recently recognised with a “ Best Sales Campaign” award by the ISCA 2017. This win was accredited to the application of a best standard approach to campaign management, the innovative strategy’s producing outstanding results. On top of that award, we are a multiple award-winning agency for sales training, and for making the best breakthrough for our industry in 2016. We are respected by our peers and now employ a workforce of over 120 people across sales, management, customer service, recruitment and administration.

Our people are undoubtedly our strength. Our success is measured and driven by our employee's achievements. By working in close partnership with our clients, we ensure that we infuse their ethos alongside our employee's passion and desire to succeed. This simple philosophy makes us an extension of the brand, and we are then known as brand ambassadors.

Our motto states our intent to "make our best people your best people"